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Tangible Interaction

Interactive tables include multi-touch surfaces and tabletops with tangible interaction. Since 2010, CAVI has also been exploring 3D tabletops, which are based on a combination of 3D projection and a multi-touch screen.

3D projection on physical objects is a particular kind of augmented reality that augments a physical object by projecting digital content directly onto it. Three-dimensional projection installations are based on having an accurate 3D model of the physical component of the augmented reality installation. In the digital 3D world, one can produce digital content corresponding to the shape of a physical object, and by positioning and calibrating the projection system so that the relationship of the projection to the physical object corresponds to the virtual camera’s relation to the 3D model, we can project the digital model onto the physical elements of the installation, thereby augmenting the physical object.


BullsEye is a computer vision application developed by CAVI for optical fiducial tracking on tangible tabletops. BullsEye is developed to provide tracking with sub-pixel accuracy to accommodate advanced 3D projection on tracked objects on an interactive tabletop.

LEGO Out of the Box

The Danish LEGO toy company initiated a strategy of implementing digital 3D models throughout their entire business model. In collaboration with the LEGO Company, we pursued the potential of using the digital 3D models and animations for promotional purposes in a retail setting. With this installation, it is possible for children to explore the character inside the box. 


LEGO Flow invites children to interact with an endless stream of LEGO bricks represented on a tabletop screen. Blocking the streaming bricks with virtual walls drawn with the fingertips is a playful experience, as is using special physical LEGO bricks as color magnets that attract all the virtual bricks of one particular color. This simple interaction makes it possible to invent your own games.


Radartable is an interactive, audiovisual installation, a musical instrument, and a platform for creative and social interaction. It allows people to express themselves musically, and collaborate with each other to influence their concert experiences, even if they have no ability to play music.

Tangible 3D Tabletops

The tangible 3D tabletop combines tangible tabletop interaction with 3D projection in such a way that the tangible objects may be augmented with visual data corresponding to their physical shape, position, and their orientation on the tabletop.

Projected Play

Projected Play No 1 is an exploratory prototype developed as part of an investigation into Tangible 3D tabletops.

The Danish Pavilion EXPO 2010

The Danish pavilion balanced digital art, urban design, and architecture. The enormous media facade attracted visitors, and reflected the human activity inside the construction, where people were able to view the Little Mermaid while walking or bicycling on the internal paths.

The Mejlby Stone

The Mejlby Stone installation is an augmentation of the famous Danish rune stone, and with projectors and tracking, the story of the stone is told through animation, illusion, and sound, and makes the audience an active part of the interactive storytelling.

Holger the Dane

The statue of Holger the Dane seems almost intimidating, although he just sits there, sleeping. CAVI-developed technology makes it possible to bring Holger the Dane to life through interactive visualization.

3XN Architectonics

In conjunction with the architectural firm 3XNielsen, CAVI produced an installation for the exhibition "Mind your Behaviour", illustrating the architecture of Saxo Bank and Horten. The architecture was dynamically augmented with projections of sophisticated, 3D graphics on the physical structures.

Loop City

The advanced 3D projection of "1947-2047: From Fingerplan to Loop City" adds an engaging and innovative element to communicating BIG's future vision for Copenhagen’s future design. The movie installation projects onto a physical object, and uses storytelling to make the bridge and the area around it come alive.

Gum Console

Gum Console is an interactive console that displays information about the Gumlink company and its products. The project was a collaboration between CAVI and Gumlink. The console was presented at a convention, to attract visitors to Gumlink’s exhibition booth. 

Gum Facade

The Gum Facade was an interactive facade consisting of four screens connected to form one large display. By moving around in front of the facade, users could control orbs that interacted with a shower of tablets and other orbs.