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Child-Computer Interaction

The Child-Computer Interaction group at CAVI produces high quality research and interactive prototypes in the areas surrounding the design and evaluation of interactive technologies for children. Our area of research includes children of all ages, and contexts including the home, school, entertainment, and museums. We constantly challenge and develop new methods for engaging children in the design processes, through our existing repertoire of participatory approaches to Interaction Design. In 2014, the Child-Computer Interaction Group at CAVI will host the premier international conference on Interaction Design & Children.


ReflecTable is a project aimed at designing a setting that novice interaction design students can use to develop their design and innovation skills. Conceived as an interactive table, the design game guides groups of students through a condensed design process, and allowing them to reflect on their own design practices, as captured on video.


In the Litirum project, pupils, teachers, and designers developed a social technology platform, Narrify Your School, that aims to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning environments. 

Digital Natives

Digital Natives was an exhibition experiment about and with young people growing up in a digital age. The project explores the everyday cultures of these youngsters, and experiments with new ways of exploring these cultures, using the newest interactive technologies.

DJ Station

DJStation is an interactive and audiovisual installation based on a tangible user interface with fiducial tracking. 


Cyberhus was an interactive 3D installation intended to give children and teenagers an opportunity to step inside a virtual representation of different rooms in a house. The installation provided a space where kids could meet and interact, and where adults could experience some of the kids’s Cyberspaces.

7th Heaven

7th Heaven is an organization that arranges exhibitions related to children’s literature. This project consists of two installations that use 3D technology to stimulate children's curiosity by introducing them to a story universe in a playful way. 

The Danish Electricity Museum

The Danish Electricity Museum is a science and cultural heritage museum. The museum comprises a number of permanent exhibits, supplemented by special exhibitions. CAVI has collaborated with the museum to create innovative, interactive exhibits.

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