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Design Processes

CAVI’s research into design process includes research into specific design methods, ideation, and theories and frameworks for investigating design processes. 

CIBIS: Creativity in Blended Interaction Spaces

The CIBIS project develops and explores blended interaction spaces that support creative design processes. 

Video Prototyping

Virtual video prototyping is a design visualization technique that uses the virtual studio to mix digital elements with persons and physical objects.

The Process Reflection Tool

The Process Reflection Tool has been developed by our research laboratory as a general tool for documenting design processes for research purposes.

Projected Play

Projected Play No 1 is an exploratory prototype developed as part of an investigation into Tangible 3D tabletops.


ReflecTable is a project aimed at designing a setting that novice interaction design students can use to develop their design and innovation skills. Conceived as an interactive table, the design game guides groups of students through a condensed design process, and allowing them to reflect on their own design practices, as captured on video.

Selected publications