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Video Prototyping

Within experimental system development, there is a long tradition of concretizing visions of future technologies by means of prototypes, mock-ups, scenarios, and video. The virtual studio makes it possible to mix digital elements with persons and physical objects, thereby developing new prospects for combining the above-mentioned concretization options in the form of virtual video prototypes.

Handheld Display

In an X-ray-like manner, a handheld display reveals the interiors of closed objects by displaying digital 3D representations of what is beneath their surfaces. In this case, a technician is checking some technical installations. He is examining the installation by moving the handheld display, thereby scanning its interior. In this way, the technician reveals information, for instance, about the wiring and switches positioned in 3D in relation to the physical space.

The handheld display was realized by keying on a blue piece of cardboard, which reveals a 3D model of the installations behind the wall.

Playful Interaction

Playful Interaction is a conceptual vision of a future architect’s office. The video prototype illustrates ideas and concepts for playful interactions among people, materials, and appliances in a pervasive working environment.


Pervasive Healtcare

The pervasive healthcare video prototypes have been used in a design workshop. The experience has been predominantly encouraging. The production of a video prototype forces the designers to make concrete design decisions, since one cannot ignore physical, real-world constraints and to details in the usage-interaction between users and technology. From the users’ perspective, during our evaluation of the video prototype, the experience was that the video prototypes enabled users to relate to the practicalities and contexts of applied technology.

The Pervasive Hospital Bed

The video prototype, The Pervasive Hospital Bed, is a projected scenario from a hospital equipped with pervasive computing technologies.

The Pervasive Medical Conference

Two doctors examine a diagnosis on the basis of an X-ray; one doctor looks at the X-ray on his computer screen, the other looks at it on a video wall. Both have access to the patient's electronic record. This project is a realization of one of the focus areas of the Pervasive Health Care research project.

The Future in the Interactive Classroom

This video prototype takes place in the near future, and illustrates a group of pupils’ use of new technologies at an elementary school.

The Virtual Architect

This video prototype illustrates experiments using a range of tools for design in a shared 3D workspace. It presents the work of two designers in different design situations. Without focusing on specific technical solutions, the production illustrates two different scenarios. 1) Immersive: A virtual 3D workspace – a virtual representation of a design context, supplemented by digital tools and information. 2) Augmented: A mixed reality workspace – a physical context, supplemented by digital tools and information.


This video prototype is a visualization of a building with huge displays integrated into the facade, which reflect the activities both inside and outside the building. In one of the building’s corridors, the ceiling and the floor constitute one huge, integrated display.


This video prototype illustrates how new, subtle display and tracking technologies may be used to increase awareness, for example, of what colleges are working on, and with whom.

The Museum Curator

This video prototype illustrates new potential for visually enhanced environments based on augmented reality technologies. The Museum Curator follows a curator working at a museum, and the scenario presents some of her routines during the planning of an exhibition. 


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