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The Process Reflection Tool

The Process Reflection Tool has been developed by our research laboratory as a general tool for documenting design processes for research purposes. The software tool is structured in a blog-like format as a list of events, which in turn may be described in greater detail as sub-events. It is possible for the project participants to add their reflections to each event and sub-event. For example, an event may be a planning meeting, a field study, a workshop, or a prototype test. In addition to events, the tool supports “brief annotations”, documenting telephone conversations, short e-mail exchanges, and the like. Video and still images may be uploaded and associated with each event, sub-event, and note, as additional material supporting the documentation of the process. Moreover, and most importantly, the PRT supports the association of reflection on, and analysis of the materials with each of the elements, enabling analyses across the project, with regard to specific aspects of the process.


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