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7th Heaven

CAVI has worked with 7th Heaven and Zentropa Interaction in designing two installations for a center for Scandinavian children’s literature. CAVI’s role in this process has been to develop interactive installations through which visitors may experience the settings and moods of the stories from Norse mythology. The goal of 7th Heaven is to interest children in literature, using a strategy that stimulates their curiosity by introducing them to various story universes in a playful and engaging way. The results of the collaboration are two installations, Mimer’s Well and Balder’s Funeral Pyre, which were on view at the 7th Heaven center in Køge, Denmark.

Balder’s Funeral Pyre

The Balder’s Funeral Pyre installation is a corridor, one of the sides of which is a 6-meter-long, 2-meter-high rear projection of fire. The fire is digitally generated using a particle system with hundreds of bit map images of fire, which, together with 14 on/off pressure sensors in the floor, enable interaction with the fire.

When no one is in the corridor, the flames glow low above the floor, but when someone enters the corridor, a fiery explosion erupts beside their location. As the participant proceeds down the corridor, more explosions erupt near them.

Mimer’s Well

Mimer’s Well is a cylindrical room in which visitors are introduced to the world of Scandinavian mythology. This is done using 3D stereo projections that visitors observe using special glasses. CAVI designed the setup of the entire room, and created the 3D movie as a collaboration between a visual artist and a group of 3D graphics programmers.



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