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Gum Facade

The Gum facade was placed along one of the exterior walls of Gumlink’s booth at the world’s largest annual sweets convention, ISM (2006). The facade consisted of four screens connected to form one large display. Above the display, a camera tracked visitors who approached or walked past the booth. The video feed from the camera was processed by software that identifies faces. The images of the faces of passers-by were captured and visualized on the orbs on the display. The orbs existed in a virtual space showered by small gum tablets. By moving around in front of the display, visitors controlled the orbs that interacted with the shower of tablets and other orbs. The purpose was to attract attention and visitors who might otherwise not notice the booth. The intended use-time for the console was between 10 seconds and 2 minutes.

Both The Gum Facade and The Gum Console were collaborations between CAVI and Gumlink. The collaboration spanned a year, from initial field studies at the convention, through concept and product development, to the launch of the installations a year after the initial studies. 

ISM 2 from CAVI on Vimeo.