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Holger the Dane

Calm, stoic, mighty – the statue of Holger the Dane seems almost intimidating, although he just sits there, sleeping, apparently waiting for something to happen. When the visitor stands in front of the two-meter-tall concrete statue, it is not difficult to imagine that Holger the Dane will come to life one day, when he is needed. CAVI-developed technology now makes it possible to bring Holger the Dane to life through an interactive visualization. Holger the Dane is said to be the protector of Denmark, and most Danes know the story of how Holger the Dane will reawaken from his sleep in the casemates of Kronborg to rescue Denmark in her hour of need. But little has been said about his life before he went to what seems as an eternal sleep.

The staging of "The journey of Holger the Dane" gives visitors a glimpse of some of the experiences of Holger the Dane’s storied life. With projectors and tracking, the story of Holger the Dane's life is narrated through animation, illusion, and sound. The myth of Holger the Dane is staged using advanced 3D projection, a technology CAVI used in previous research projects. Three-dimensional projection on physical objects augments a physical object through the projection of digital content directly onto it, thereby giving the object an added digital layer. When visitors approach the statue, the story of Holger the Dane is visualized through animated effects on the statue’s surface. Holger the Dane fought against Burmand the Giant, lost his son Balduin owing to a fatal game of chess against Carl the Great's son, Karlotto, and six fairies endowed him with special abilities. The production gives the audience a sensory experience, and, it is hoped, engages them, and inspires them to discover more about Holger the Dane.

The staging of "The journey of Holger the Dane" was installed in the casemates of Kronborg from fall 2010 to early spring 2011.


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