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Visitors play with sounds of the past in authentic farmhouse at Museum Midtjylland

2020.08.14An interactive soundscape in the heart of Jutland.

The Bucholtz Villa at Struer Museum framing interactive soundscape of the past

2020.07.17Visitors interact with the sounds of the author's living room

Soundscape in the Danish Luftwaffe headquarters in Skanderborg

2020.07.02An interactive soundscape in Museum Skanderborg, open July 2-12, 2020.

What did the past sound like?

2020.06.29A new project on the use of interactive sound in authentic buildings as part of the dissemination of cultural heritage

The KirigamiTable

2020.05.07Our paper about KirigamiTable – a novel actuated shape-changing tabletop for supporting transitions in collaborative work – has been accepted for CHI 2020.


Kim Halskov

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Information Science

Morten Lervig

Production Manager School of Communication and Culture - Centre for Advanced Visualisation and Interaction