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Presenting the SiAB project in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen march 18th and 19th 2023

At the history festival Historiske Dage (Historic days) in Copenhagen 18th and 19th of march 2023 we will present results of the project Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings (SiAB), at a stand open in the festival opening hours and at two talks including involved staff from the museums as well as professor Kim Halskov from CAVI. The talks are scheduled 4.20 pm saturday 18th and 11.00 am sunday 19th

In the project Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings (SiAB) CAVI and the three museums, Struer Museum, Museum Skanderborg and Museum Midtjylland has investegated the history of the sounds in existing historical buildings. Buildings that are parts of the museums today and installed sound in these buildings revealing the history using historical sounds. At the festival the stand will show an example of how this is done. The project are financed by the Velux Foundation. Read more: https://cavi.au.dk/projects/soundscapes-in-authentic-buildings