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Sticky Notes

Fifty years ago 3M invented the not-so-sticky-reusable glue that a few years later enabled the development of the Post-It note. Since then, the Post-It note has become the most commonly used design material in creative design activities and standard in every brainstorming session. Post-It notes are found in every workplace that boast of being creative and innovative, and the sticky note has found its place in a multitude of organizational activities. Despite the fact that Post-It notes are extremely frequently used in creative and design practice, very little research exist on why and how Post-It notes are used, and why they seem to work so well for creative activities

We have studies the use of sticky-notes with an initial interest in the whats, hows, whys, and wheres of sticky note usage in professional practice, and particularly in design. Based on our understanding of the usage of the classic physical stick-not we have investigated how they me be remediated into digital sticky notes and studied breakdowns caused by the technology, but also benefits and promises inherent in the digital media.