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Cards and Boards

The Cards & Boards system is informed by a study of the current design practice at DesignIT, in particular the use of Post It notes and poster boards. The system is designed around boards and sticky notes as a metaphor, and implemented on top of Webstrates, a web-based infrastructure enabling that boards can be accessed from any device with a web browser, and, that any changes to the content of a board is synchronized in real time to all other users of the same board.

The sticky notes have been generalized into five kinds of cards: images, video, link cards (with URLs embedded), Markdown card, and Board cards (linking to boards). The system provided basic functionality for changing size and color of cards as well as pen stroke, copy and paste of individual cards and groups of cards. A favorite card may be marked by a star and voting on ‘favorite’ cards are supported by clicking on a ‘hart’ icon. Moreover, cards may be tagged and retrieval is enabled by a basic search function. A pan and a zoom feature enables navigation of boards, and, boards board may be split, producing a new empty board – cards may be dragged from one board to another. For sketching on boards, a basic drawing tool is provided. Moreover, connectors between cards may been created.


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