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Return of the nocturnal soundscape in the Greenhouses

This May, the nocturnal soundscape will be active again during the 24 hours of Nature

On May 19th, the Botanical Garden in Aarhus will celebrate 24 hours of Nature. The day will be filled with exiting activities and during the evening, from 8PM to 10PM, the nocturnal soundscape will once again be active in the Greenhouses.

The soundscape was made for last year's 24 hours of Nature, about which we wrote:

Since 2014, a sound installation that imitates the natural sound of the environment has played as the auditive dimension of the greenhouses. The system Sound-O-Matic was made to make the sounds appear in a natural way through more than hundred speakers in the greenhouses. Audio designer Marcus Hjelmborg who composed the sound installation for the greenhouses has again together with Bjørn Dam Larsen composed a unique night scene for the tropical greenhouse.

The sound installation was originally created with the support of TEKNE 2017, CAVI’s strategic collaboration project in Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.