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Sound-O-Matic is an advanced sound system for use in spatial, interactive installations. It can play sounds from several speakers at the same time. You can position the speakers anywhere you like, depending on where you want the listener to hear the sound. Sound-O-Matic is a sound engine in the sense that sounds which the user has stored in the system’s database can be played in any set-up of speakers.

The sound is controlled by the Unity3D program, which has a graphical 3D interface. You could say that Unity3D is Sound-O-Matic’s graphical user interface. The ability to use a graphical 3D program (in this case Unity3D) as the editor of a sound system is one of the special features of Sound-O-Matic. The result is a unique graphical and spatial approach to the editing and production of sound. Sound-O-Matic can also handle live sound input. The experience of a Sound-O-Matic system with a great number of speakers can be compared with a surround-sound setup in a cinema, but there are a number of differences. The spatial location of the speakers in Sound-O-Matic system is variable. And the sounds that are produced (where and when) are decided by the users themselves in Unity3D.

CAVI has developed a wireless version based on wi-fi. This means that it takes very little time to set up a number of wireless and battery-driven speakers in any spatial setup, and then use them to play spatial sound installations.