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Advanced 3D Projection

Advanced 3D projection adds digital content to physical objects by projecting digital material onto them. At CAVI the technology has been used in various ways as part of design processes in which the visual appearance of physical objects (or scale models of them) can be changed by projection alone. This makes it possible to create illusions and simulate dynamic processes. You can work with both colours and patterns on the surface of objects, as well as with light and reflections from simulated light sources and dynamic light. This makes it possible to examine a wide range of opportunities in the interaction between physical objects and digital material.

CAVI has used advanced 3D projection for various forms of communication, with projection onto physical objects making it possible to communicate the object’s narratives, properties or history.

Advanced 3D projection is also used increasingly on buildings and other large objects in public spaces – either as an event in itself, or to support other events. CAVI’s tools for advanced 3D projection have extremely high precision, making it possible to achieve aesthetic and magical effects.