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User-Designed Soundscapes in Authentic Rooms

In the growing international attention on sound as part of our cultural history, CAVI and Audiodesign works with three museums investigating user-oriented use of sound in authentic rooms. In the author Bucholtz villa at Struer Museum, in an authentic farmhouse at Museum Midtjylland, and in the german Luftwaffe second world war Headquarters in a bunker, part of Museum Skanderborg, visitors will be able to experience and co-create soundscapes, using authentic sounds in these authentic rooms. The project is tecnically based on CAVIs realtime 3D-oriented soundsystem, Sound-O-Matic, and will be part of CAVIs strategy to develop this further. The project aims at developing the museums' disemination with the inclusion of interactive use of sound, as well as, through these innovative installations, to inspire others to work in new ways with sound as part of cultural heritage.