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Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings

Museums situated in authentic buildings, using the buildings to tell the story of the past as it went on in exactly those surroundings, are one of the best ways to give visitors insight into the lives lived in the past. But what did the past sound like? 

In this project, Struer Museum, Museum Midjylland and Museum Skanderborg will work closely with CAVI and Audiodesign to develop the use and understanding of sound as part of the cultural heritage. 

The project will develop methods to understand and describe the sounds of the past in three authentic buildings: The villa of author Johannes Bucholtz at Struer Museum, an authentic farmhouse at Museum Midtjylland and the Luftwaffe Headquaters in a bunker at Museum Skanderborg. The work in the three buildings will lead to the development of methods to understand, describe and make use of sounds of the past as part of the disemmination of cultural heritage. 

Using sound as a design material, the project will investigate how the sounds of the past can be used in these authentic buildings, thus adding authenticity to the visitors' experience. Innovative and dynamic soundcapes in the three authentic buildings will be a permanent result of the project.