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Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings

Design Space Tool

In the project we apply design space thinking (Halskov, 2021; Halskov & Lundquist, 2021; Halskov, Dove & Fischel, 2021) as a way of analyzing and systematizing examples of other sound installations to understand how sound can be designed and implemented in museum settings. We analyzed 36 cases using the Design Space Tool, which helps designers structure their design space into different aspects and design options, as well as visualizes highly and sparsely populated areas of the design space. Based on this analysis we identified three aspects that are unique to sonic placemaking; Types of Sounds, Listening Attention and Spatiality of Listening (Udsen & Halskov, 2022).

Readers are invited to explore a read-only version of our Design Space Tool: Sound Installations.