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Visitors play with sounds of the past in authentic farmhouse at Museum Midtjylland

An interactive soundscape in the heart of Jutland.

2020.08.14 | Malthe Stavning Erslev


At the authentic farmhouse situated at Museum Midtjylland in Herning, visitors are able to create and play with their own soundscapes, based on the authentic sounds of life in the 19th century - getting an audio based insight to the cultural heritage of the area. Opening 14th of august, last day 30th of august.


Other News

The technical setup has been tested in the Arriva train.

Rethink Museums - Travelling through time and place

2017.06.27A narrative train journey between Aarhus-Struer executed on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of July.

Audiomatter and RadarTable on SPOT festival

2013.05.31At the SPOT festival held in Aarhus in the beginning af may 2013 CAVI presented both RadarTable and a brand new interactive musictable – Audiomatter. Audiomatter is created by the group Bitcrushers affiliated to CAVI, and this were the first public launch of their work with the interactive table. Both installations were presented at Godsbanen in the public foyer area.

Dysbjerg. Photo: MMEx.

Rethink Museum – The spirits of Dysbjerg come to life

2017.10.11A mobile version of the Sound-O-Matic is used in a sound installation at Dysbjerg.