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The story behind the LEGO setup

A LEGO prototype made as a part of the LEGO House project

The LEGO setup in CAVI’s entrance.
Model of the LEGO House, Photo: LEGO

Many have asked about the LEGO setup in CAVI’s entrance. We gratulate LEGO on the occasion of the opening of the LEGO House on the 28th September and use this opportunity to explain the creation of the setup.

Throughout several years CAVI has created projects in collaboration with LEGO. Currently, LEGO Education takes part in the research project CIBIS. CAVI’s first interactive table, LEGO out of the box, was produced in 2006 and presented LEGO products by using interactive 3D within LEGO’s stores. The current setup at CAVI’s entrance is part of an early development project in relation to LEGO House. Through multiple design activities, CAVI took part in the development and prototyping of one of the interactive rooms planned for LEGO House. As it appears through the LEGO setup, a physical model was build to prototype the project. The prototype had several interactive elements based on built-in RFID technology. During a test period in Billund, different groups of users visited the installation to try out the prototype. The final design of the interactive room in LEGO House will reveal a somewhat different solution. The prototype in CAVI shows one of the early steps towards the installation.