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Plant a Light in the dusk of autumn

The Tropical Dome of Aarhus Botanical Garden’s Greenhouses lights up in an interactive spectacle.

2017.10.26 | Malthe Stavning Erslev

From November 1st 2017, the Tropical Dome of Aarhus Botanical Garden's Greenhouses will be transformed into the installation Plant a Light; a glowing tribute to the diversity of nature. It represents the constant change of life in nature: Birth and death, growth, changes, metamorphoses.

The interactive installation is controlled from the Botanical Garden, outside of the Dome. Using a glowing pillar, citizens and visitors are able to plant a light, watch it grow and eventually light up every cell of the Tropical Dome.

The installation is developed and produced by CAVI, TEKNE, CIBISCommunication and Culture, AU, in collaboration with the Greenhouses, Science and Technology, AU, and the design agency Kollision, as part of the strategic collaboration TEKNE, between CAVI and Aarhus2017 – the Culture Capital year. Supported by Innovation Fund Denmark​

The installation Plant a Light is situated on the lawn between the Greenhouses and the old mill. It will be active from 5PM – 10PM every day from November 1st until December 9th 2017. The last night marks the official end of Aarhus2017 – the Culture Capital year.

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