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Overheard in Trento

The prototype of Overheard was exhibited at the Coop’16 Conference in Trento.

2016.05.30 | Louise Balslev

The webside-test of The Overheard installation.

The software is tested on a video of a sunset at the programmers’ office at CAVI. The screen on the right shows the colours which are converted from the sunset.

The installation The Overheard prototype consisted of four audio satellites recording sounds from different locations. The sounds of the audio satellites were distributed in real-time to a server made available on a website. On the website, the participants could to listen the sounds and mix them together creating a soundscape. A video showcases a website-test of The Overheard installation.

Four faders each represented a sound channel recorded from microphones placed on different locations:
Channel 1: Garden, Aarhus Denmark.
Channel 2: Sound installation in conference area Coop'16, Trento Italy.
Channel 3: Sound installation in conference area Coop'16, Trento Italy.
Channel 4: Conference auditorium Coop'16, Trento Italy.

By adjusting the four faders, the participants were able to create a modified soundscape of the real-time recordings. Creating the soundscape was an opportunity for the participants to tune into and explore the sounds of our everyday surroundings. 

The Overheard prototype and a further development of the project will be a part of CAVI’s engagement in Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture, conceived by soundartists Marie Højlund and Morten Riis. 

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