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From the Ink to the design of five new Poetry Machines

Based on the poem-generating installation Ink, the collaboration with Roskilde Library has evolved to the creation of five new Poetry Machines.

2016.03.05 | Louise Balslev

A girl use the Digital Literature installation on the back of the Poetry Machine, Roskilde Library.

Since May 2013 the installation Ink has been located and tried out at many libraries and events. The popular use of Ink has led to the design of five new Poetry Machines. On 5th of March 2016, new Poetry Machines will be introduced at Roskilde library during Roskilde’s Literature Festival. Afterwards, the five Poetry Machines will each be on their individual library tour, each presented at different libraries.

Due to new insights from users who experienced the original version, the new Poetry Machines are more intuitive to use. Kollision have redesigned the physical frame of the Poetry Machines so it is now more simple. Furthermore, a shelf with interactive digital literature has been added to the back of the Poetry Machines, and is exposed by using iPads.

Every time a poem has been created on Ink the poem is printed for the user and uploaded to the real-time updated blog www.inkafterprint.dk. Peter Clement-Woetman, the author of the sentences, has picked out 105 of the poems uploaded to the blog. From this he has published a poem collection called 105 variationer. The collection of poems has received many positive reviews. Among these are the newspaper Information, that describes 105 variationer as a captivating experiment on how poetry is created.

Video about the Poetry Machines by Roskilde Library.



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