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The Unity3D system is a commercial game engine which is developed and sold by Unity Technologies. It is mentioned here because we at CAVI use the Unity3D system for a range of productions and platforms. It is a software system designed for the development and production of digital games. One of the core functionalities of the Unity3D system involves the use of 3D models as a setting. The combination of 3D worlds and real-time interaction is a fundamental feature in many of CAVI’s projects. The Unity3D system is a relatively open piece of software which makes it possible to develop its functionality to a considerable extent. At CAVI we have developed and constructed a great number of highly specialised Unity3D add-ons which we use in our development tools and projects.

Illustration(s) from the smartphone and tablet opera by Signe Klejs and Niels Rønsholt: Breathless Moment. An interactive music/drama experience developed and produced at CAVI using the Unity3D system. Available at the App Store and Google Play.