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3D Cinema and Headmounted Displays

In the 3D cinema you can use 3D glasses to create an illusion of depth in the images you can see. The image shown may be created in a 3D engine such as Unity3D, in which it is possible to insert two cameras to simulate two human eyes. This kind of 3D visualisation can be interactive. In the 3D cinema you can interact in real time using a Wii remote, for instance. The 3D cinema gives you a joint experience with the rest of the audience and participants.

CAVI also works with headmounted displays, which can only cope with one user at a time. They differ from the 3D cinema because their virtual universe surrounds the user entirely, generating a greater sense of presence and immersion in the digital world. Sensors make it possible to register the position and movements of your head, enabling the user to look around and move through a virtual universe. A controller is also connected to each hand, enabling the user to interact with their hands.