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The Danish architect Birgit Kjærsgaard created three 3D installations in collaboration with CAVI, which were exhibited at "A trans Pavilion" in Berlin. To offer a more holistic image of three different cultures, Birgit Kjærsgaard used 3D technology that had been developed at CAVI. The 3D installation, called Verdensrum, presented the sign systems of three cultures and their metaphoric implications. The project was conceived in interdisciplinary terms, and incorporated photography, film, music, and scent. In the individual projections, the viewer was confronted with the basic forms of Turkish-Arabic, Chinese, and Indian design patterns. These patterns were transformed into intricate shapes and systems, into which visitors could submerge themselves, only to reemerge by means of 3D spectacles. The installation was a manifesto for cultural dialogue and communication, but it was also an abstract, architectonic meditation, through which one was taken on a fictive journey into the red and gold mystery of the East.