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The Dynamically Transparent Window

A Dynamically Transparent Window responds to the movements of people passing by. Passers-by are tracked by a camera, and the data is processed by a system that controls custom-built, interactive windows in a facade. The windows are fitted with electro-chromatic foil that can change from opaque to transparent when an electric current runs through it. By using thin strips of this foil, narrow bands on the facade of the window changed to reveal what was displayed in the window when people walked by. The facade used various interaction modes to draw by-passers closer, and invited them to explore the display.

The Dynamically Transparent Window was part of a larger collaboration with Salling, a large department store in Aarhus, Denmark. Salling is one of the oldest stores in the country, and in 2006 celebrated its 100th anniversary. The store had recently expanded, and its facade is a dominant feature of Aarhus’s city centre. CAVI collaborated with Salling in developing new ways of attracting potential customers to explore the store and its products. This resulted in an “inspiration catalogue”, with twelve concepts for interactive product and store presentation and exploration.

The process behind the concept resulted in various options for using electro-chromatic foil technology. An additional option is to use the foil for projection.


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