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Launched on November 4 (2010), refleXx.dk is a mobile- and touch-centric experimental magazine developed primarily for tablets (e.g. iPad) and smartphones (e.g. iPhone and Android phones). It may also be accessed through desktop web browsers (best viewed in Chrome and Safari). The first issue covers five multi-media themes, each comprising a number of articles, videos, audio productions, photos and edited contributions. Every Thursday will bring a new theme. The themes address current topics in Denmark and the global scene.

Apart from providing readers and users with an enriched experience, the project aims to investigate methods, interfaces, and digital publishing platforms for mobile devices. Among the questions being addressed are how editorial staff should respond at a time when much media usage is moving toward mobile platforms at an exceptional rate, how media organizations communicate and interact with their readers and users in public spaces, and what the requirements are for such products and platforms.


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