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HoneyMoon is an opera installation by Klejs & Rønsholdt, to be experienced by one person at a time. HoneyMoon begins with a leap from the top of a tall building, and ends with the fatal impact. As the audience, you not only take part in this fatal journey, you somehow seem to be the partner of the singer falling, and the title plays with your possible relationship, which is also emphasized by the fact that before you enter the installation you must select either the male or the female singer. We don't know why they (/we) jump, and strangely enough there is no wild expression of grief or fear related to the journey down alongside the building. On the contrary, there is an excited, secretive feeling to it. The fall is interactively controlled so that the sole audience member can change his or her perspective to look upward or downward. The singer is filmed in stereo video (3D) and the building facade is 3D graphics. The audio consists of electronic sound and recordings made with the singer(s), combined with field recordings. Technically, the installation consists of stereo video, four channel audio, wind machines, and camera tracked interaction. The piece lasted approximately 10 minutes. The installation has been shown in Denmark, Norway, and Belgium.