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El eco del Carlito - Mannequin

CAVI collaborated with the artist/director/choreographer/dancer Ingrid Kristensen to create a work where a static physical installation – a mannequin – almost seemed to come to life through the use of advanced 3D projection on a physical object.

Initially, a virtual 3D model of the mannequin was created using 3D-generating software. This provided the opportunity to work with the model in the computer, and testing different graphical and visual effects. Afterward, this was projected on the physical mannequin. With a projector as a light source, the new layer was projected on the mannequin, thereby adding a new digital layer. This added a new dimension to the mannequin.

The artistic ambition was to make the mannequin come to life through the animation provided by the technology of advanced 3D projection, thereby adding a digital layer that takes the spectator on a journey through five states of mind.