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Digital Natives

Digital Natives was a practice-based research project experimenting with the junctions of anthropological research, participatory design, and interactive technologies. The project addressed a generation of young people raised in a digital era, surrounded by new media and information technologies, and whose life worlds are distinct from those of previous generations, mentally, socially, and culturally. The project explored these young people's cultures, identities, and communication practices in a local setting, and experimented with new ways of representing and interacting with these cultures in the context of a concrete art/culture exhibition experiment. The aim was to create an interactive exhibition experiment in collaboration with a group of young people (aged 16-19), which explored and expressed the lives and cultures of digital natives in Aarhus, in the year 2010.

Digital Natives was created through the creative collaboration between young people, anthropologists, and interaction designers, over the extended period of nine months. The exhibition included four digital installations, as seen below – Google My Head, Digital Sea, DJ Station, and Portraits.


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