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The simple way to switch your digital newspaper from newspaper layout to tablet-look

Together with CAVI and PIT, Visiolink has developed a system that automatically reformats the newspaper’s content into tablet format.

2014.04.25 | Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard

The newspaper has experienced a radical change, in terms of news publication in the digital age. With an increasing number of online readers using tablets to browse the latest news, the format demands a new platform that relies on the readers’ needs. In collaboration with Visiolink, we have carried out an examination that reveals that online readers miss the traditional newspaper conventions, especially the editorial priorities and the beginning and end of the newspaper.

In response to these Visiolink, in collaboration with CAVI, PIT, and Nordjyske Medier, has developed a system for tablets that makes it easy to switch between an traditional newspaper layout and a dynamic, tablet-optimized layout. The tablet-optimized layout automatically prioritizes and places the editorial content by the articles’ placement and length, for example. Thus, the system combines the traditional newspaper conventions with the use and viewing functionalities of tablets. By “hurrying slowly,” the point is to make the transition from analogue to digital newspapers as smooth as possible, and in the future focusing more on the interactive and dynamic possibilities that the tablet offers.

The new layout system for digital newspapers has already gained more than 70 customers in the northern European countries, in anticipation of its 8 April 2014 launch.

The contact for the project at Aarhus University is Martin Brynskov.

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