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The Overheard uses a mobile version of Sound-O-Matic

A mobile version of Sound-O-Matic used to perform a concert in Kedelhuset, Silkeborg.

2017.06.08 | Louise Balslev

The concert took place in Kedelhuset, Silkeborg. Photo: Jens Anker Tvedebrink

A concert was held at Kedelhuset in Silkeborg as a part of The Overheard project . The concert was held on the 22th of April as support before a concert with the band Cancer. Morten Riis composed and performed an experimental piece using a mobile version of the Sound-O-Matic. The piece was based on sounds recorded during a workshop held for the students at Silkeborg Gymnasium and at teacher training at VIA University College. As a part of the workshop the students recorded the everyday sounds that occurred on a walk through Silkeborg. Based on the recorded sounds Morten Riis composed a piece which was performed dynamically by moving the sounds between nine speakers. By using a tablet as interface the different sounds were moved around in the spacious room of the concert hall. The mobile version of the Sound-O-Matic enabled a quick set-up which is adaptable for any other venue with a Wi-Fi connection.

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RadarTable at the CHI conference in Paris

2013.05.31The CAVI interactive music table installation was displayed at the exhibition at the Palais de Congrès de Paris, where the annual CHI conference were held from 29 April to 2 May 2013. In collaboration with Multitaction, the manufacturer of the Multitouch interactive table, CAVI made it possible for the conference participants to have a go at creating music on the spot, together with other participants.

The webside-test of The Overheard installation.
The software is tested on a video of a sunset at the programmers’ office at CAVI. The screen on the right shows the colours which are converted from the sunset.

Overheard in Trento

2016.05.30The prototype of Overheard was exhibited at the Coop’16 Conference in Trento.

Return of the nocturnal soundscape in the Greenhouses

2018.05.17This May, the nocturnal soundscape will be active again during the 24 hours of Nature