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The Overheard uses a mobile version of Sound-O-Matic

A mobile version of Sound-O-Matic used to perform a concert in Kedelhuset, Silkeborg.

The concert took place in Kedelhuset, Silkeborg. Photo: Jens Anker Tvedebrink

A concert was held at Kedelhuset in Silkeborg as a part of The Overheard project . The concert was held on the 22th of April as support before a concert with the band Cancer. Morten Riis composed and performed an experimental piece using a mobile version of the Sound-O-Matic. The piece was based on sounds recorded during a workshop held for the students at Silkeborg Gymnasium and at teacher training at VIA University College. As a part of the workshop the students recorded the everyday sounds that occurred on a walk through Silkeborg. Based on the recorded sounds Morten Riis composed a piece which was performed dynamically by moving the sounds between nine speakers. By using a tablet as interface the different sounds were moved around in the spacious room of the concert hall. The mobile version of the Sound-O-Matic enabled a quick set-up which is adaptable for any other venue with a Wi-Fi connection.