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The Overheard meets Nephew

The wind plays Nephew's new album.

2018.02.09 | Malthe Stavning Erslev

A new album from Danish band Nephew will be released in 2018 -- the first in six years. At CAVI we helped design and implement a new and different way of communicating the songs. Nephew states in the press release:

The wings of a windmill move with the wind and the seasons. They cut through morning fog, snowy nights, rainy breezes and windless, sunny days. The dynamic rotation follows and mimics time and life itself. The windmill stands like a steady pillar through it all, constantly changing and moving forward, yet always returning home.

Nephew’s new songs will first and foremost be released for stream and vinyl, but will also be presented on www.nephew.dk/overheard. Here, you can experience the songs as they are controlled by the shifting rhythm and tempo of one of the world’s largest windmills. On quiet day, even the most rapid beat of the drums stretches to last several seconds. On other days, the melody and lyrics of the songs become faintly recognisable.

Visit the website to experience how the 240 meters tall giant is doing. Listen to the monotone sound of the massive wings – like a hefty rhythm which echoes in our living rooms as we switch on the lights over the dining table – Nephew’s take on reality TV 2.0.

Check out the video, where Morten Riis from The Overheard explains the project (only in Danish).

The project is created by The Overheard and Nephew in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa, CAVI and Audiodesign at Aarhus University’s Institute for Communication and Culture, DTU Wind Energy, the municipality of Thisted and Daniel Rothmann.

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