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Explore the sounds of the past at Museum Skanderborg

Soundscape opened in the former Luftwaffe headquarter bunker as part of Museum Skanderborgs exhibition at this site. The soundscape is created by CAVI as part of the SIAB - Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings project.

A visit at the authentic bunker in Skanderborg now gives you the experience of the sounds of the life for the soldiers on duty during Second World War.

In collaboration with the historians at Museum Skanderborg CAVI has identifyed and chosen a variety of different sounds representing the authentic sounds of the past for the dynamic soundscape, voices, footsteps and sounds of the communication gear that was used - including the sound of the enigma coding machine. You will also be able to hear the sounds of aprox. 35 English aeroplanes passing and the alarms in the bunker when it happened.

Check opening hours on the museums website.

You can read more about the Velux-funded project Soundscapes in Authentic Buildings here.