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Rethink Museums - Travelling through time and place

A narrative train journey between Aarhus-Struer executed on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of July.

The technical setup has been tested in the Arriva train.

Travelling through time and place is a part of the Aarhus 2017 project Rethink Museums led by the Museum organization MMEX. The project consist of a sensory train journey focussing on the historical events which has taken place in the countryside the train passengers pass by. The stories are told through a combination of digital textual narratives and soundscapes of e.g. ancient battles and people getting sacrificed. The job for CAVI was to find the technical solution of rethinking the idea of a historical museum into a train journey.

To learn more about the events watch the video prototype and read more about the project Travelling though time and place on the webpage of MMEX.