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“RadarTable” at LEGO World 2014

From the 13th to the 16th of February, visitors at LEGO World will have the opportunity to experience CAVI’s interactive music installation, "RadarTable", as it is a part of the LEGO event at the Bella Center, Copenhagen.

2014.02.13 | Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard

Children playing with RadarTable.

LEGO World describes itself as the “world’s most fun construction site”, where children and playful adults can visit and play with a whole world made of LEGO. As usual, CAVI participates in the annual event, this year with a special edition of RadarTable

RadarTable is an interactive, audiovisual installation, a musical instrument, and a platform for creative and social interaction. It allows the visitors to express themselves musically and collaborate with one another, to influence their audiovisual experience, even if they have no previous experience of playing music. Previously, the installation was presented at the SPOT music festival, and the Human-Computer Interaction conference, CHI. Introducing RadarTable at LEGO World will present the installation in a child-oriented context, where accessibility is an important factor. With easily understood interaction and a more child-oriented soundscape, we are hoping for great activity around the table at this year’s LEGO World.

RadarTable may be experienced during the winter holiday, 13 to 16 February, at the Bella Center, Copenhagen. Read more about LEGO World here.