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Opening of the new interactive installation 'Mellemrummet' at Dokk1 on April 2nd 2019, 8.30am-10.00am. Everyone is welcome.

An interaktive installation on Dokk1. In collaboration with Dokk1, CAVI has been heading the production utilizing the horizontal displays located in the ceiling of the hallway outside thetwo auditoriums, combining the displays with a 16+1 loudspeaker system designed for the site.

Composer and producer Henrik Munch has been navigating through investigations and experiments exploring the rich array of possibilities made possible with the CAVI sound system: Sound-O-Matic. Virtually developing the tool Sound-O-Matic as the work towards an installation progressed.

Questions like: what sounds work here, this place, this building? How can we on one hand give these sound free, and let them happen, and on the other hand, control them as much as needed in order to deliver an installation that works in this special room with respect to the daily use of a large number of people. Add to this the complexity of using interactive elements based on the activity of people in the room, with a discreet interaction design that makes the audiovisual installation react without turning into some sort of game with an all to obvious reaction.

Both auditive and graphical strategies has been developed along the line of production, and has resulted in this installation with a powerful yet suitable expression, enriching the experience of the room.