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"Drive Now?" New app guides you through traffic

Are you tired of getting stuck in a traffic jam? By asking the "Drive Now?" app whether it would be a good idea to drive now, you can avoid this. The app is based on real-time traffic sensor input, and attempts to showcase the potential of Open Data.

2014.02.06 | Henrik Korsgaard

The front page of the app, which may be downloaded from Apple's App Store.

The app advises commuters whether they should drive now, or wait five minutes.

In collaboration with Smart Aarhus and the City of Aarhus, CAVI has developed a smartphone app to showcase the potential of open data and real-time traffic sensor input.

In an attempt to improve traffic congestion and commute times, the app offers recommendations as to whether commuters should “drive now”. The simple yes/maybe/no tip is supplemented by projected travel time and likely delays, based on real-time traffic data from an extensive sensor network operated by the City of Aarhus. 

In addition to the app itself, CAVI developed middleware and the software components for transferring the data from the closed sensor-network system to the open data platform in Aarhus, ODAA.dk. The data is currently hosted on a CKAN server at CAVI, which relays the data to the open data platform (ODAA) in the city.

Drive Now? (Skal jeg køre nu?) was presented on 5th February at a reception at the Aarhus City Hall, and has been well-received by the Danish media, including Jyllands-PostenTV2 Østjylland, and Ingeniøren. And with 2250 downloads the first day, it seems like the public are also interested, and hoping the app may answer the significant traffic problem in Aarhus.

The free “Drive Now?” iPhone app may be downloaded here

This work is part of research at the Participatory IT Centre at Aarhus University. The project is also part of “AU Smart Cities”, which co-ordinates smart city activities across all the major departments of Aarhus University.

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