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Congratulations to Moesgaard Museum on the opening of the exhibition The First Immigrants

On October 7th, Moesgaard Museum unveil their new exhibition The First Immigrants.

2016.10.07 | Louise Balslev

The dugout nanoe at the exhibition The First Immigrants at Moesgaard Museum.

Her Majesty the Queen at the opening ceremony. Foto: Medieafdelingen - Moesgaard Museum.

A 3D model of the paddles and the dugout canoe. The 3D models are used for 3D projection on the physical objects.

CAVI have contributed with 3D projection on one of the central elements of the exhibition. The exhibition will be a part of Moesgaard Museum’s permanent archaeological exhibition. The First Immigrants reveals stories about the people who lived in the Stone Age and where the first people began to roam in the wilderness of Denmark. The exhibition centres around different stories about people who lived in this time of age, and how they were in possession of advanced craftsmanship more modern than previously assumed.

As a part of the exhibition, Moesgaard Museum created a dugout canoe and showcase different tools used for fishing and hunting at sea. One of the stories follows a father and a daughter who goes out fishing. The story about these two is brought to life by the use of video projection on different projection surfaces including the wall, the floor and the dugout canoe. The video projection is made in a collaboration between Moesgaard Museum, M2 Film, sound designer Tim Hinman and CAVI.

Click here to read more about the exhibition The First Immigrants.





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