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Concerts in the Tropical greenhouse in the Botanical Garden

On the 21th and 22th of June at 8 pm six composers perform a concert in Aarhus Botanical Garden.

One of the point speakers hidden in a bed in the Tropical greenhouse.
Sabine Moore, Filip Johan Arnestad, Toms Aunins, Anna Kirse, Merlyn Perez-Silva og Olga Szymula.

The piece Solstice study with 72 speakers by 6 composers on opposite coasts of the sea consist of two concerts inside the tropical greenhouse of Aaarhus Botanical Garden. The concerts are part of the cultural exchange project ‘Aarhus x Riga’, and is initiated by Radar and The Danish Cultural Institute in Riga. Aarhus x Riga is a collaboration between three Danish- and three Latvian composers who are chosen based on their diversity. The concerts are a challenging mix of classical composition, electronic music, experimental pop and theatre sound.


The six composers uses the 72 multi channel sound system Sound-O-Matic to perform a piece which is adjusted for the architectonic green houses and the flora. Normally, the soundscape in the green houses supports the illusion of being in the natural environment of the plants. For the concerts, the sounds in the botanic garden support a spacious midsummer narrative. The concerts consist of one unique piece, which uses the spacious setting, and a theatrical touch to convey different cultures of the midsummer festivity. The experimental concerts are the first of their kind and have a relevance in the collaboration between Radar, Aarhus University, CAVI, TEKNE and DIEM. Watch videos on YouTube to get a glimpse of the experience or to learn more about the creation of the piece. The greenhouses is part of the Science Museums at University of Aarhus.


Thanks to Aarhus 2017 and The Danish Cultural Institute in Riga. Read more about the concerts on the Facebook eventpage for the 21 and 22 of June.