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A new sound installation at Dokk1

Congratulations to Henrik Munch on receiving economic support from the Danish Arts Foundation and the Municipality of Aarhus

2018.05.14 | Malthe Stavning Erslev

Composer Henrik Munch will be working with CAVI in creating a new sound installation for Dokk1. Munch has recently received economic support from the Danish Arts Foundation and the Municipality of Aarhus. At CAVI, we wish to congratulate Munch on receiving the support and look forward to further collaboration.

The new sound installation will be situated in a waiting area at Dokk1, in front of the two main lecture/performance halls. The installation will dynamically change, in part as a reaction to the movements of visitors. The installation will be ambient, never disrupting the ebb-and-flow of people at Dokk1, however still being just active enough to enrich the experience of the waiting area. Thus, the installation will be an integrated part of the activities in the lecture/performance halls, but will also be an attraction in itself.

The installation will be finished in 2018. The project is managed by Henrik Munch, CAVI, and Dokk1, with support from the Danish Arts Foundation, the Municipality of Aarhus, and CIBIS, Innovation Fund Denmark, Institute of Communication and Culture, AU.

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The technical setup has been tested in the Arriva train.

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One of the point speakers hidden in a bed in the Tropical greenhouse.
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