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About CAVI

CAVI was established in 2001 as an interdisciplinary research center at Aarhus University, Denmark. CAVI’s original researchers primarily had a background in interaction design, but in 2013 a core group of Aarhus University’s digital aesthetics researchers joined CAVI.

In several of our projects, we’ve worked closely with external partners, for instance, schools, architects, technology providers, and other businesses. In the area of cultural computing, we have worked with independent artists as well as cultural institutions, such as libraries and museums. Collaborating closely with external partners pushes us to take context seriously, and to make full-scale installations, which may be deployed in the real world.

We carry out research through design, making practical design experiments aimed at gaining insight into interaction design – design process, as well as interface and use. Our interaction design researchers have a background in participatory design, which explains our concern with the contexts for which we design. A strong interest in exploring the design of engaging experiences is a persistent thread throughout our research portfolio.